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Dual Network
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Dual Production Sites

Our architecture supports two live production sites that are housed in separate remote facilities. Each site uses all-new HP NonStop fault-tolerant computer systems with full power backup, including UPS, diesel or natural gas generators, and multiple fiber access for both phone and Internet connectivity. In the event of a failure each system has the capacity to maintain Kleinschmidt's day-to-day business requirements. The two sites are connected by two diverse OC3 links using ATM.

Both sites are available to be used daily to exchange documents between partners. We encourage all customers and their trading partners to establish connectivity to both sites with their choice of communications methods and to use both systems regularly. There are no additional costs for establishing connectivity to or using both systems.

Your connectivity to both sites provides for redundant communications paths. Often a disruption in service to one site can be quickly resolved by sending the data to the other location, either utilizing the same communication method utilizing a different path, or utilizing a back-up communication method.

We are the only North American Value Added Service Provider (VASP) that owns a live, online, 24 x 7 second production site in the United States, also referred to as a disaster recovery site. Disaster recovery is the ability to identify the failure of a system and provide acceptable recovery procedures within a time-critical period. The concern is more than a hardware, software, or support problem. It is the duration of the unavailability to conduct business. If a network does not have their own remote site that allows customers to quickly communicate their information to another processor, that network is lacking in their disaster recovery plan. Many networks do not have their own remote sites that offer full backup and communication processing. Instead, these networks contract with disaster recovery companies who provide this service to the network. Outside recovery organizations can provide back-up ability, but the question to ask is, "Can I -- and my trading partners -- access that information?" In most cases, the answer is NO. The communication ability of the outside agency may only allow the EDI network to connect to the outside agency, not the customer nor trading partners of that network. Our unique approach to disaster preparedness provides our customers and their trading partners, on-line, full-time, real-time, disaster recovery coverage.

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