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Did You Know?

Our network availability is over 99.98%
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Network Availability

Due to the fault-tolerant capability of our system hardware and the provisions made to make all supply and support resources redundant, our network availability is over 99.98 percent. Why is our network availability greater than any other network? Simple, we do not require weekly or monthly scheduled downtime for network system maintenance. This means we do not take our system down on a regular basis for maintenance. We average one scheduled outage every two years.

Many of our competitors perform weekly or monthly maintenance on their network, which requires them to take their entire network down. Imagine if a network takes their system down for only six hours every weekend. That translates into over 300 hours of downtime in a year where they cannot communicate or provide service. Furthermore, without the addition of any unscheduled outages, their network availability is less than 97 percent.

Year after year, most of our competitors experience one or more unscheduled outages. In contrast, our network has had less than 12 hours of unscheduled downtime in the last 15 years.

We are confident that our network provides greater availability then any other.

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