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Did You Know?

We have never experienced data loss due to a hardware failure.

Why do companies like Kleinschmidt insist on HP NonStop Computers?

HP Nonstop Systems are specifically designed to run business critical, continuously available applications.

They currently provide processing for:

  • Transactions and data analysis for Fortune 50 banks, retailers and corporations
  • 95% of Securites and Commodities exchanges, including New York, London, and Hong Kong
  • 80% of ATM cash transactions
  • 50% of U.S. 911 calls

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System Architecture

The upgraded Kleinschmidt Network is comprised of HP NonStop's latest Intel Itanium-based fault tolerant computing system. Our hardware is nearly identical to that of the high volume real-time architecture used to process ATM transactions and high-power, high-volume financial market data.

It currently consists of 2 linked systems, both on-line production systems, and both with 2x the processing power of our previous network. One higher capacity system is located at the main facility in Deerfield, IL. Our secondary system is at a separate, remote site. In each NonStop system there is dual ServerNet fabric between all processors, producing a failsafe environment for all transactions. Both facilities are connected via ATM by two diverse OC3 lines. One OC3 line is routed east and the other west, forming a diverse fault-tolerant fiber ring. System processes are written in a fault-tolerant environment so that a CPU failure or other component failure should not interrupt system processes. In the event of a failure, each independent system has enough capacity to maintain our day-to-day business requirements. We have never experienced a data loss because of a hardware failure.

The Deerfield computer room is 7800 square feet and can easily accommodate many ServerNet computer systems and supporting hardware. The secondary computer room is 2400 square feet and can also accommodate many ServerNet computer systems and supporting hardware. In addition, each site has full power back up including UPS, diesel or natural gas generator(s), with multiple fiber access for both phone and Internet connectivity.

We maintain multiple T1 connections to multiple Internet Service Providers (ISP). We control our own DNS entries, which, by default, round robin across all ISPs. In the event of a failure of one ISP, we can modify our DNS entries to exclude that ISP in the round robin thus giving us a fault-tolerant "first mile" to the Internet.

Every attempt has been made to provide for the integrity of the computer system. Through the fault-tolerant capability of our system hardware and the provisions we provide our customers with the greatest system availability possible. Kleinschmidt customers can attest to our success in providing them an extremely reliable and dependable service.

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