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Did You Know?

Kleinschmidt is the only North American Value Added Service Provider (VASP) that owns a live, online, second production site in the United States.

Kleinschmidt's dual production sites can address and provide key components of your disaster preparedness needs.

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Network Architecture

   Dual Production Sites

Kleinschmidt's event-driven, real-time message processing system has two diversely connected production sites that offer the most reliable infrastructure in the industry. Each site utilizes all-new HP NonStop fault tolerant systems. In the event of a disaster at either site, the remaining site can be rapidly configured to handle existing business requirements. Both sites are available 24/7/365   More 

   System Architecture

Our HP NonStop NB54000 CPUs at both sites are linked via a diverse fault tolerant fiber optic ring. All system processes are fault tolerant, thus component failure will never interrupt processing. Our sites are supplied by multiple power grids, with each site maintaining its own UPS and backup generator. Both sites also have multiple fiber providers for telephone and internet connectivity.   More 

   Network Availability

Our fault-tolerant system hardware, along with redundancy in all support resources, such as power and communications, allow us to maintain a system availability of over 99.98%. Kleinschmidt has no weekly or monthly scheduled maintenance to interrupt your processing. We offer the highest level of availability and reliability in the industry.   More