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Why Choose Kleinschmidt?

   Our Past

Kleinschmidt Inc. is an EDI Pioneer. Established in 1898, we are the largest firm dedicated to exclusively providing network-based Electronic Commerce and EDI services. Among other achievements in communications, our founder, Edward Kleinschmidt invented the Teletypewriter, which was one of the first Electronic Commerce Device.

   Our Award Winning Service
  • Early 1900's, multiple patents awarded Edward Kleinschmidt
  • 1994 Illinois High Tech Entrepreneur
  • 1997 EDI Pioneer Award
  • 2004 Edward A. Guilbert E-Commerce Professional Award
  • 2005 U.S. Customs and Border Protection award in the area of transportation, cargo control and supply chain security
   Our Dependability

We are the only U.S. based Value-Added Network with two production sites and 24x7x365 system and customer service availability. Our business applications run on Tandem (now part of HP) ServerNet systems, which are real-time, fault-tolerant computer systems.

   Our Connectivity and Connectivity offerings

We provide more connectivity and connectivity offerings then any other network. We will connect to your company using the protocol that you find works best for your situation, and connect to your trading partners in the protocol that they find works best for them.

   Our Solutions

We offer the widest range of network based solutions possible. From in-network translation from any format to any format, to sophisticated web applications solving complex business problems such as e-manifest for customs, we offer solutions that work, are easy to use, and are very cost effective.

   Our Employees

We are an employee owned company. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding professional service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All personnel are full-time employees. All of our customer service and programming staff members are experts in data interchange with a median tenure of over 11 years.

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