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USCBP ACE and AES Mandates

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  Further information regarding the requirements to submit data to CBSA via EDI are always available and ready for implementation as soon as they are released by the CBSA.

  Learn more about ACE solutions: USCBP ACE

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AES Automated Export System Messages

   Kleinschmidt AES Program Overview

The AES Automated Export System within the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol's Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) is the final paperless implementation of the modern system designed to streamline the export process through Electronic Data Interchange. AES enables exporters, carriers and forwarders to electronically submit, validate and correct export shipment data required by U.S. Customs. Kleinschmidt's direct connection to the U.S. CBP system along with our vast expertise in Customs data transmission, translation and validation make us the premier choice for AES Automated Export System compliance. The Kleinschmidt AES Automated Export System solution enables your compliance through:

  • Unlimited File Format Support: Our data translation process ensures your internal business processes go uninterrupted
  • Real-Time Processing: Our 24/7/365 reliability ensures your crucial export shipment data and corrections arrive reliably
  • Specialized programming that enables translation to the X12 601 U.S. Customs Export Shipment Information standard
  • Reliable in-house 24/7/365 support for the tough Customs and compliance questions that require answers now
  • Additional support for current and future ACE and U.S. Customs commercial mandates such as eManifest for Trucking, Rail and Sea

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