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ACE & ACI Deadlines

Are you ready? We can provide the traditional EDI or hosted e-Manifest solution that is right for you.  More 

  Further information regarding the requirements to submit data to CBSA via EDI and via our hosted guide will be available as soon as they are released by the CBSA.

  Read this feature article at FleetOwner.com:   Ace in the hole

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ACE & ACI E-Manifest Services

   Program Overview

The ACE and ACI electronic manifest (e-Manifest) for trucks creates a secure and streamlined environment for processing and releasing cargo at the land borders.

The e-Manifests, electronically submitted by carriers, enable both the Canada Border Services Agency and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to pre-screen the crew, conveyance, equipment, and shipment information before the truck arrives at the border. Electronic truck manifests allow for greater efficiency in data recording by eliminating redundancy, enabling a carrier to record crew, conveyance, and equipment details as part of the carrier account. In addition, with RFID technology, ACE can identify trucks/drivers from a distance and activate the retrieval of manifest and entry data for the CBP officers. Now mandatory, the full implementation of ACE e-Manifest Truck will:

  • Enable carriers to create, submit and manage electronic manifests and mandatory advance cargo information, including information about in-bond cargo;
  • Provide a single system for truck release, in an effort to reduce truck processing time at the port of entry;
  • Provide access to various reports to help evaluate compliance
  • Enable carriers and their designated agents to track shipment status at the border;
  • Enhance security and commercial account capabilities; and
  • Enable In-bond processing

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