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Ocean Carrier Mandates

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  Further information regarding the requirements to submit VGM container weight data and specifications for corresponding EDIFACT and X12 messages are available from Kleinschmidt.

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SOLAS Verified Gross Mass Messages

   The Kleinschmidt VGM Solution

What is VGM?

Recent Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS) regulations have resulted in the mandate for shippers to transmit Verified Gross Mass (VGM) data for container weight verification before the container is permitted to be loaded on the ship. Ocean carriers will be enforcing the VGM requirement.

The Verified Gross Mass document can be submitted via EDI. A new EDIFACT message, VERMAS, has been developed to support the VGM requirement separate from Booking Requests and Shipping Instructions. Kleinschmidt supports all EDIFACT and X12 message standards utilized for VGM, including VERMAS, X12 300 and X12 304, and maintains connections to all major ocean carriers. Our translation solution enables shippers and forwarders to provide VGM data in universal formats to meet the VERMAS or X12 EDI message requirements of all ocean carriers.

  • Kleinschmidt's on-network translation allows you to maintain current processes by sending VGM in your format of choice
  • Our universal message support allows you to meet all carrier message requirements such as VERMAS, IFTMIN, IFTINT, X12 300, X12 304
  • Kleinschmidt's zero downtime network and data verification ensures your crucial VGM data arrives at the carrier on time, every time
  • Premium 24/7/365 support ensures your international partners and VGM data are always available regardless of time zone
  • Not EDI-capable or prefer to bridge the VGM gap with a web app? Kleinschmidt specializes in the development of unique cloud-based hosted solutions for submitting compliance data via the internet

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