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Compliance Deadlines

Are you ready? Kleinschmidt can provide the traditional EDI or hosted e-AWB solution that is right for you.  More 

  Further information regarding the requirements to submit e-AWB and e-Cargo data via EDI are available directly from Kleinschmidt as it is released.

  Learn more about our compliance solutions: Compliance Services

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e-Air Waybill Message

   e-Air Waybill and e-Cargo Initiative

The e-Air Waybill and e-Cargo initiative for the Air Cargo industry aims to reduce paper air waybill (AWB) documents in order to streamline the air cargo supply chain for brokers, shippers and carriers. The e-Air Waybill encourages more efficient electronic communication through the simplified Cargo XML e-AWB standard while simultaneously elevating air freight data integrity and accuracy–all crucial in today's fast-paced global air freight industry. Kleinschmidt's unique specialized programming and real-time transaction processing enable shippers to easily and efficiently implement the e-AWB with multiple partners.

  • We specialize in meeting paperless compliance mandates such as e-AWB and all other e-Cargo documents
  • Kleinschmidt's zero-downtime network enables conversion of any air cargo file format to the IATA CargoXML standard
  • Limitless any-to-any universal translation ensures your internal business processes remain uninterrupted
  • Kleinschmidt's custom programming provides the option for a fully integrated EDI solution or a web-based e-AWB form
  • Our trading partner program enables you to connect to unlimited partners through one Kleinschmidt gateway
  • Kleinschmidt's zero maintenance, zero downtime network backed by in-house support keeps crucial air cargo data on the move 24/7/365

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