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Disaster Recovery FAQ

Does Kleinschmidt have a disaster recovery plan in place?

Kleinschmidt is the only EDI VAN with dual, fault tolerant, processing locations. In the unlikely event one of our sites incurs a disaster, you and your trading partners can switch immediately to the other operational site. There are no delays and no need to contact us.

Does Kleinschmidt have a remote disaster recovery site?

Yes. Our two operational sites are connected via two diverse T3 communication links, providing redundancy in the event of a fault on one of the links.

Has Kleinschmidt tested its disaster recovery preparedness?

Testing Kleinschmidt's disaster recovery preparedness occurs daily. Both sites are operational production sites. If a disaster should occur at one site, data can continue to be exchanged at the other.

Will Kleinschmidt allow testing of its disaster recovery preparedness with me and my trading partners?

Kleinschmidt allows you and your trading partners to test disaster recovery processing at any time. You do not need to contact us prior to testing

How do I test Kleinschmidt's disaster recovery site?

Since both of our sites are operational, you and your trading partners can pass production data via either site, at anytime. We encourage our customers to do that so everyone knows what to do in the event they're unable to communicate with one of the sites.

How long will it take Kleinschmidt to bring up their disaster recovery site after a disaster?

Both locations are always in production so there is no delay.

Is there a charge to use Kleinschmidt's disaster recovery site?

There are no additional fees for using either or both our sites.

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