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EDI Outsourcing Services

Did You Know?

We can provide EDI outsourcing services that require nothing more than email capability.

We Provide Solutions

We offer the widest range of network based solutions possible. From in-network translation from any format to any format, to sophisticated web applications solving complex business problems such as e-manifest for customs, we offer solutions that work, are easy to use, and are very cost effective.

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Kleinschmidt's EDI Outsourcing Services

Kleinschmidt is the premier Electronic Data Interchange Value Added Network (EDI VAN) offering a full range of EDI outsourcing services that insure your ability to efficiently manage your trading partner relationships no matter what the size. As pioneers in EDI networking we combine 29 years of industry knowledge with the latest technologies and industry standards.

Businesses today are looking for ways to streamline costs and automate processing. Trading partner mandates may require a level of EDI support which would be cost prohibitive to establish or maintain in house. Suppliers are looking for ways to decrease costs and reduced errors but face integration issues due to a host of partners with varying levels of EDI cabapility. Outsourcing can provide the most efficient, cost effective solution for these issues and your companies needs.

   Outsource your In-network Translation

Outsourcing your EDI mapping to Kleinschmidt's any-to-any in-network translation services will eliminate costs associated with EDI translation software. We make it easy for our EDI Outsourcing customers, with a 2 week or less turn around on all translations. You choose your format including any ANSI ASC X12 EDI or UN/EDIFACT version, XML, or flat file. Your trading partner chooses their file format. Learn more about outsourcing your in-network translation  

   Hosted Web Application Solutions

Kleinschmidt's outsourcing services specialize in developing and implementing custom web applications. Whether you need to bring your non-EDI capable trading partners into your EDI program, automate a business process, or communicate with U.S. Customs, our web applications are developed in a short period of time with your budget in mind. No software to buy, no applications to maintain and no staff to hire as a Kleinschmidt web application is a complete solution. With two production sites, multiple web servers, and multiple ISP's we can ensure that your web application is available to your trading partners 24x7, 365 days a year. Learn more about our hosted web application outsourcing services  

   Outsource your Conversion and Rollout services

Want to switch from your current Network provider to Kleinschmidt? We offer conversion services at no charge with the ease and flexibility to make the change seamless to your trading partners. Learn more about our conversion and rollout outsourcing services  

   Outsource Your Connectivity Needs

We offer you the widest possible range of connectivity methods. We also eliminate the complexities of exchanging data between different platforms. You and your partners simply send and receive data in your preferred method and we will resolve any differences in communication or connectivity. Learn more about our connectivity options  

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