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XML, ebXML, and EDI to XML

   XML, ebXML, and EDI to XML

Kleinschmidt's XML solutions provide translation and mapping, making incompatible systems compatible, regardless of format. We accept any and all data formats. Kleinschmidt's In-Network XML Translation service resolves the differences.

There are still no generally accepted XML standards for business documents. Therefore, each of your trading partners may request a different DTD (Document Type Definition) or Schema, with its own data tags. Kleinschmidt can solve this dilemma for your company by mapping your data into all XML formats required by your trading partners.

Kleinschmidt receives your data and translates it into your trading partners' XML formats. For example, a purchaser of goods can send Kleinschmidt an X12 850 purchase order (PO) and Kleinschmidt will translate it into various XML formats using DTDs or Schemas as desired by the receivers. This means the purchaser of goods only supports its file format and does not have to support multiple XML formats, or perform XML translations.

Since Kleinschmidt maintains these translation relationships it is transparent to your company as trading partners change their DTD, Schema or data tag formats.

Simply put, this means your company can eliminate the need for XML translation (parser) software, and a vast majority of the associated costs. Initial purchase and/or renewal/maintenance costs of XML translation software can be eliminated. Allocating programming resources to create maps for various XML DTD versions and data tag formats is no longer necessary. Testing periods are greatly reduced and adding additional XML trading partners is much easier. Instead of supporting multiple XML formats, your company supports only one format - its data format.

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