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Retail Solutions:  A Case Study

Developing Cost-Effective Solutions for 84 Lumber

84 Lumber approached us to develop an EDI solution, based on their unique business requirements. We created an Internet Web application all their vendors can easily access directly through the 84 Lumber Web site, to receive Purchase Orders (POs) from and send Invoices back to 84 Lumber.

This started out as a small project to get low-volume and non-EDI vendors on board with an application that was very easy to use with minimal data entry. With the initial success and positive feedback from those vendors, this project evolved into an exciting opportunity for 84 Lumber to have a uniform method for all their vendors to send/receive data. They hope to have 400 vendors, large and small, using this Web application by the end of 2006.

"This has proven to be faster and easier, allowing for less data entry and less chance for error on the vendor's side," said Lori Moore of 84 Lumber.

This custom Web application allows vendors to receive POs and enter Invoices directly through the Web site. One feature is an email notification to vendors when new POs arrive from 84 Lumber. The Invoices are generated from the PO data and sent directly to 84 Lumber, which eliminates data entry. Other features include table look-ups and control points that do not allow the vendors to submit an Invoice unless it is complete. The Invoices also can be viewed or revised directly through the Web site.

Linda Smitley of 84 Lumber praised Kleinschmidt and programmer Jack Glazko, "Our vendors just love this. compared to what they previously used! Jack is great to work with in developing such a substantial project in a timely manner."

We were pleased to have the opportunity to show 84 Lumber how we can quickly provide a cost-effective EDI solution. We look forward to providing additional solutions for their business needs.

Tell us your business needs and we'll provide the solution you're looking for! Our exceptional technical team can create a solution for virtually any business requirement through a Web application or our translation services.

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