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Transportation Solutions

   Transportation Solutions

We've earned our reputation as the company that provides the smartest solutions for even the most challenging of customer requirements. From large corporations to small businesses, our solutions are tailored specifically to your needs and designed to maximize your cost savings. Our development team is highly experienced in the needs of the transportation industry and will deliver the innovation and ingenuity you need to help you stay ahead of your competition

Recently a large manufacturer of specialty paper products came to us for integration of their distribution systems with their large carrier base. We developed a solution to allow them to communicate completely electronically with their all of their carriers.

The manufacturer sends all load tenders to us. We determine how the carrier should receive them. A web-based system was developed to allow carriers to accept loads offered, update shipment status, and generate freight invoices. This frees them from having to purchase and implement any EDI solution.

EDI-based carriers send and receive data, and can also use the web as a backup. We handle the various carrier and web-based formats and pass them to the manufacturer as a single data format. To the manufacturer the entire carrier base is now EDI capable.

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