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Security & Encryption

   Security & Encryption

We support numerous Internet security mechanisms. Our customers use S/MIME, PGP, RSA, EDIINT, AS1, AS2 and AS3 encryption for secure transfer of EDI data. Our Web servers have digital certificates, which support secure protocols such as HTTPS, FTPS (SSL/TLS FTP) and SFTP.

We provide a number of methods of authentication. These include user sign-on and password before data transmission, PGP, AS1, AS2 and AS3.

Our EDI system and internal LANs are physically separate from our Internet LAN. Firewalls control access to our Internet LAN. Another Frame-Relay LAN provides secure communication for customers using Frame-Relay.

We validate EDI transmissions based on a number of standard methods. All files processed are checked to ensure that they are complete (ISA to IEA, flat file header to trailer, etc.), that the number of included sets and segments matches the numbers in the appropriate segments. In addition, we do develop special data integrity programs for specific customer requirements.

Access to our two production systems is by sign-on and password. That ensures that only your company has access to your data. All data that is sent to/from your company is only available to your company and the appropriate trading partner.

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