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EDI Value Added Network Services

Did you know ...

Kleinschmidt accepts any and all data formats including:

  • ANSI ASC X12 including VICS, WINS, TDCC, EIDX, CIDX, PIDX, and UCS
  • XML including X12's CICA, cXML, ebXML, GS1, RosettaNet PIPs, and proprietary formats
  • flat files and proprietary formats
  • multiple business application formats including SAP IDOCS, flex-edi, and various accounting formats
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EDI Value Added Network
(VAN) Services


Kleinschmidt is the premier Electronic Data Interchange Value Added Network (EDI VAN) offering a full range of services including in-network translation, real-time processing, online visibility, VAN migration, and trading partner rollout. We are the only EDI VAN with two production sites offering 24x7 customer service.


Use our any-to-any in-network translation services to eliminate costs associated with EDI translation software. We make it easy, with a 2 week or less turn around on all translations. You choose your format including any ANSI ASC X12 EDI or UN/EDIFACT version, XML, or flat file. Your trading partner chooses their file format. Learn more about our translation services  

   Real-Time EDI Message Processing

Our Value Added Network offers real-time processing on Tandem Servernet fault-tolerant computer systems. Learn more about our system architecture  

   Online Visibility

Our customers have the ability to view and download files processed by Kleinschmidt's VAN using our EDI Webcam. Learn more about our online services  

   EDI VAN Migration & Trading Partner Rollout

Want to switch from your current Value Added Network provider to Kleinschmidt? We offer conversion services at no change with the ease and flexibility to make the change seamless to your trading partners. Want to increase your trading community? We offer trading partner rollout services at no charge. Learn more about our conversion services  

   Two Edi Production Sites

Kleinschmidt's EDI VAN is an event-driven, real-time message processing system that has two diversely connected production sites offering the most reliable infrastructure in the industry. Learn more about our dual production sites  

   24 x 7 EDI Customer Service

We are the only VAN to offer 24x7x365 customer service with all level-3 support. Simply call us at 847-945-1000 or email us at cs@kleinschmidt.com to receive the best customer service in the business. Learn more about our exceptional customer service  

   EDI Value Added Network Availability

Our fault-tolerant system hardware along with redundancy in all support resources, such as power and communications, allow us to maintain a system availability of over 99%. No other EDI VAN comes close. Learn more about our 99% network availability  

   Connectivity Options

Kleinschmidt's EDI VAN offers the greatest number of communication methods in the industry. From EDIINT including AS2 and AS3 to ftp and everything in-between. Learn more about our connectivity options  

   Hosted Web Applications

Kleinschmidt develops cost-effective Web Applications that allow companies to expand their EDI trading partner community to companies without EDI capability. Learn more about our hosted web applications  

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