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Online Account Services

  Online Account Services

We offer a number of online services to our customers. In addition to contacting our Customer Service personnel by phone (847-945-1000) twenty-four hours a day, customers may access our Online Account Services via the Internet to interactively view their data activity.

Viewing daily or weekly activity is as simple as entering your username, password and clicking your mouse. Once connected you can display transactions transmitted or received within the past seven (7) days. Search criteria can be specified by any combination of the following: Kleinschmidt interchange sender ID and/or receiver ID, transaction control number, date, start time, and/or document type. Transactions displayed after a search can be opened for viewing and printing. In addition, mailbox name(s), size, date, time last modified and last action performed is displayed. Data in mailboxes can also be downloaded or their contents viewed.

We also have special viewing capability for customers that send rail bill of lading (BOL) data to the major railroads. There are six (6) options available to check the status of BOL's sent to the railroads. Each lists the BOL's transmitted to the roads and if the BOL's have been sent to and acknowledged by the railroad(s). BOL's that have been rejected or have errors are also displayed. A number of search criteria are available. These include searching by date, by all outstanding (unacknowledged) BOL's, rejected BOL's, BOL's accepted with errors, by specific equipment number, and by specific railroad.

Additional functionality is added to our Online Account Services in response to customer requests. It is beneficial to periodically check our Web site for additional enhancements and information about our EDI VAN services.

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