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Basic CLM Services

  Basic CLM

Kleinschmidt's basic CLM (Car Location Messaging) service is a unique transportation service that simplifies the collection and utilization of rail car movement data. We offer an on-line computer service that provides the rail shipper with a single source of CLMs form all reporting rail carriers and a single source of distribution of updates to all reporting rail carriers. Updates include both permanent and temporary fleet registers. Temporary updates report activity on free runner equipment in the shipper's service and for vendor inbound shipments.

We set up fleet information with all requested railroads and collect CLM data from them. You are then able to view the CLM data real-time via the Internet (our web page is www.kleinschmidt.com) and/or receive the CLM data real-time (usually via FTP). Our basic web application provides you with the ability to search and sort by equipment and Destination City. You may also fine-tune your searches by filtering on any number of fields (sighting code, date, Sighting City, road, etc.).

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