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Rail ETA web application
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Extended CLM Services (ECS)

Kleinschmidt offers the following extended services based on the CLM�s sent by the rail carriers:

  Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

We calculate and display ETA data for origin/destination pairs. Kleinschmidt continually monitors and analyzes your previous completed trips between the same to city pairs and updates the ETA�s. Along with ETA we provide Standard Deviation, Sample Sizes and Late/Early indicators.

  Expanded Reporting
  • Red Alert - provides a list of cars that are currently running behind their estimated arrival time. This report also may show a list of all cars that have not had a reported sighting in a predefined number of days.
  • Lane Analysis - provides a detailed analysis of enroute time between origin and destination. This report allows users to compare travel times of different Roads used for the same origin/destination pair.
  • Detention - provides calculated demurrage charges. This report is usually tailored for each customer based on number of free days and cost/day.
  • Equipment Utilization - Provides information on the amount of time that equipment is enroute, placed at your customer's site, as well as the empty enroute and placed at your mills.
  • Placement Summary � Provides a summary report of how much time, on average, your equipment is placed at your customer's site.
  Customized Reporting

Kleinschmidt also provides customized reports on an as needed basis. All of the reports may be received as a text file or as a comma delimited (.csv) file. In addition email, fax or pager notification can be set up on a real-time basis. The email, fax or pager notification would be created when certain conditions, determined by the customer, are met.

Historical reports can be based on any time period you require. Custom reports can be created based on your specifications. The development of all custom reports is completed within two weeks of receipt of the specifications and sample data (if required).

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