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The syntax for our proprietary header for nonstandard data can be found here.
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Connectivity Options

  Options & Methods

We offer you the widest possible range of connectivity methods. We also eliminate the complexities of exchanging data between different platforms. You and your partners simply send and receive data in your preferred method and we will resolve any differences in communication or connectivity. Among the many methods we support are:

  • Dial-in, dial-out and ISDN
  • Dedicated leased lines
  • Frame relay and private line
  • Internet and VPN
  • Hosted web applications
  • Outbound and Inbound Email
  • Outbound Fax

We will work with you to provide the best communication solution for your needs.

  Protocols & Standards

We support most communication protocols, from legacy to EDIINT. We transmit and receive data via:

  • Async protocols including UUCP
  • Bisync protocols including legacy 2870 and 3780
  • SNA
  • PPP dial-up
  • FTP, FTPS and SFTP
  • EDIINT AS1, AS2, AS3
  • ebXML
  • RosettaNet
  • MQ Series
  • HTTP and HTTPS
  • SMTP

If you don't see your preferred method above, please call us and we will work with you to get it set up

  Security & Encryption

Data security is important to us. We support S/MIME, PGP, RSA, MD5, AS1, AS2 and AS3 encryption for secure transfer of EDI data via the internet and other communication channels. Secure protocols such as FTPS and HTTPS are also supported. In addition, we support certain proprietary methods of encryption. Have a trading partner that requires something unique, we can set that up for you.

Our PGP keys are available for download here.

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