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Successful conversions
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Conversion & Rollout Services

  Conversion & Rollout

Want to switch from your current Network provider to Kleinschmidt? We offer conversion services at no charge with the ease and flexibility to make the change seamless to your trading partners.

We handle conversion of existing trading partner relationships jointly with your company. We provide a sample letter for sending to each of your trading partners, which outlines the requirements needed, if any, to migrate them from your existing Network to Kleinschmidt. In addition, we will contact the other networks to insure a smooth transition on the appropriate date and time.

After your trading partner receives the letter, they decide if they want to continue using their existing Network to interconnect data or connect directly to Kleinschmidt. Once that determination is made, the conversion only takes a matter of minutes as the appropriate routing and communications (if needed) are set-up. On the scheduled day and time, all data to and from your company would be transmitted via Kleinschmidt. We will verify that the other Networks have made the appropriate changes. In addition, all data communication with your trading partners is monitored and any issues (if there are any) are brought to everyone's attention.

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