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EDI document
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EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

  Standards and Formats

Kleinschmidt accepts any and all data formats including ANSI ASC X12 (including VICS, WINS, TDCC, EIDX, CIDX, PIDX, and UCS), UN/EDIFACT, XML (including X12's CICA, cXML, ebXML, GS1, RosettaNet PIPs, and proprietary formats), flat files, proprietary formats, and multiple business application formats (including SAP IDOCS, flex-edi, and various accounting formats).

  Data Receipt and Delivery

Kleinschmidt offers the widest possible range of connectivity options for you and your trading partners. Unlike most of our competition, we continue to support legacy methods of communication, while adding new options as they are released. So, if your choice in communication is AS2 and your trading partners want you to support AS1, AS3, https, async, ftp, email, spreadsheet, and MQ, simplify your life by sending us your data via AS2 and we will deliver it real-time to your trading partners via their preferred method of communication. Whether your trading partners are local or globally, we can deliver data either directly or via another network. We can push or pull data and schedule pickups and deliveries based on your preference for real time, event driven, or scheduled transmissions.

  Functional Acknowledgement Services

Kleinschmidt can automatically create functional acknowledgments upon receipt of your data and deliver them to your partner. These acknowledgements can be customized to acknowledge at the Interchange, Functional Group, or Transaction Set level. There is no additional charge to set up this service.

  Carbon Copy

Need to send a copy of your data to another trading partner? We provide carbon copy services that allow you to send one file to multiple receivers. The delivery method is customizable for each recipient. There is no additional charge to set up this service.

  Test vs. Production

Kleinschmidt can route data to your production system or test system even if the sender/receiver ID's are the same. This allows your trading partners to test with production data. Unlike most other networks, we route data not only on the receiver ID, but also sender ID, Test/Production indicator, transaction set, and version/release giving your company the most available options to meet your business requirements.

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