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Data Integration
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Data Integration & Hosted Data Services

  Data Integration

Data integration provides many benefits, among them:

  • Reduced data entry errors
  • Reduced charge-back costs
  • Reduced invoice errors
  • Simplification and increased speed to market for new items

By allowing Kleinschmidt to host and manage your data integration process, we can provide the support, verification, and expertise you need to gain the competitive advantage of a streamlined supply chain. From simple substitution of your item numbers with your trading partners item numbers, converting UPC's into a proprietary numbering system, to managing your translation of GLN's (GS1's Global Location Number) into your internal trading partner identification code, our hosted services can be customized to meet your business needs.

We customize our services so they easily integrate into your current business processes and systems. In addition, we develop web based solutions to meet your business requirements. Our services do not require you to purchase any hardware or install any software since they are 100% internet enabled. Our in house design and development team is highly knowledgeable, experienced, and always available, with a record of innovation and proven insight.

We provide full integration and translation services that allow you to maximize the cost saving benefits and increased productivity of a integrated data solution. We are here to provide solutions and the support that you need for success, from design through testing and implementation.

  Hosted Data Manipulation Services

We offer the ability to capture and/or warehouse information as it is transferred via our network. Do you have a trading partner that sends 10 or more PO's per stop in a single load tender and your business system can only handle two? Allow us to build a custom database that will only transmit the first two PO's to your business application while capturing all 10 for insertion into shipment status messages or freight invoices.

Have your trading partners been requesting "non-standard" data exchange and calling it EDI? Why modify your system for every requirement that comes along? We can host those formats here at Kleinschmidt allowing you to send one EDI format and having us meet those one-off formats that are so difficult to support.

Need to increase tracking and planning visibility throughout the supply chain? Custom database applications coupled with sophisticated web applications can enable your company to gain supply chain visibility. From carriers sending shipment status via edi, non-edi carriers entering status via a custom web application, to matching PO's, ASN's, invoices, shipment status messages, and freight invoices, our custom services can provide your company with a competitive advantage.

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