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Meeting Mandates
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Meeting Partner Mandates


Have you received a letter from a trading partner requiring you to set up a new document in a short period of time? Many businesses presented with trading partner mandates face barriers of cost or limited expertise. These barriers can prohibit them from the significant rewards of EDI relationships. Kleinschmidt provides solutions to meet these mandates. You company can comply quickly with partner mandates and begin experiencing the benefits of e-commerce.

Many trading partner relationships require specific format or delivery standards. These vary from small details such as specific segment terminators to broad communication mandates such as MQ with U.S. and Canadian Customs. Kleinschmidt provides the sercices you need and simplifies your eBusiness relationships. With no hardware or software to buy or install, you simply send your data via the method or format that is best for you and we will deliver the data to your partner via the method and format that they require.

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