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Enabling API Based Information Exchange

Application Programming Interface (API) integration is used to connect two software systems and even partner company business ecosystems. With cloud-based applications and third-party software offering new ways to improve business processes, the use of API based integration is on the rise. Kleinschmidt can help you from design to implementation and ongoing support.

Though a platform may provide a native API, the truth is that the trading partners that you need to exchange data with will each have their own format specifications. Think of Kleinschmidt as your expert team that will make it easy to get up and running with a fully-tested solution today, and as your business grows to include additional trading partners.

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EDI to API Integrations Made Simple

If you want to utilize API technology using JSON messaging formats to integrate with an EDI-based ERP or TMS system and don’t have a solution already developed, Kleinschmidt can help. While a part of the appeal of using an API is flexibility, one of the challenges in working with them is the lack of standards. Kleinschmidt has developed a standard transaction messaging format that could help you get your integration up and running. Kleinschmidt has developed APIs for the Logistics and Retail industries.

Behind the APIs are already-developed programs that integrate with common EDI transaction types. If adopted, these APIs make for a quick and efficient integration.

Our Hosted On-premises and Hybrid Cloud-based Environments Allow Us to Be Flexible

While maintaining a single real-time connection to your application, Kleinschmidt provides a gateway to the global supply chain, seamlessly uniting the applications, electronic documents and communication protocols necessary to keep your business running and critical data on the move.

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