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We've been data integration pioneers

118 patents

for over a century.

1893 Kleinschmidt founded

And while platforms, markets, and standards have evolved over the last 100 years, we haven't wavered in our mission:

Building essential connections

to integrate the world through technology.

Custom for all

Ingenuity Forever

We’ve seen a lot and solved for a lot, building our own systems and solutions. That experience gives us the confidence, craft, and know-how to tackle even the most complex integration problems with ease.

We know every company’s integration needs are unique, so we believe every solution should be built just for you. And as technology evolves and your business grows, we support and update your systems to keep vital business information flowing effort­lessly, now and into the future.

Our support isn’t start and stop. It’s constant. We’re your partners and part of your team. We’ve got your back anytime you need us, day or night, 365 days a year. Because we’re not just here to help your business. We’re here to help you.

Our Leadership

Our namesake and founder, Edward Klein­schmidt, invented the tele­type­writer, an automatic fishing reel, a macaroni-twisting machine, and 115 other things in his lifetime. The bar is high for our leadership, but they’re up to every challenge.

Dan Heinen

Chief Executive Officer

Wes Ramsdale

Senior Vice President

Enterprise Archi­tec­ture

Doug Anderson

Vice President


Timothy Leonard

Senior Vice President

Business Innovation

Mike Ullrich

Vice President

Client Services

Frank Oriold

Executive Vice President

Operations and Business Development

Sean Parmley

Vice President

Data Center Operations


A legacy of invention and adaptation

Edward Klein­schmidt was a lifelong inventor and one of the fathers of the telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions industry. Throughout his career, he continually innovated and improved commu­ni­ca­tion tech­nolo­gies. And throughout its history, Klein­schmidt Inc. has contin­u­ously evolved, always seeking new ways to help orga­ni­za­tions communicate and connect.

Inventor for hire

At age 22, Edward Klein­schmidt opens an exper­i­mental shop with a sign over the door reading Inventions Developed.” It’s both a personal workshop and a technical consultancy where he helps customers develop new products.

Innovation in telecommunication

The Klein­schmidt Electric Company is founded to engineer the beginnings of what would become the teletypewriter/​teleprinter, which enables telegraph operators to type and receive messages directly on typewriter terminals instead of sending and translating Morse code. Edward applies to patent the type-bar page printer, laying the groundwork for future technologies. 

Competing patents and friendly mergers

The Morkrum Company and Klein­schmidt Electric Company both file patents for start-stop synchro­nizing methods for code telegraph systems. Instead of wasting time in patent disputes, Sterling Morton, Charles Krum and Edward Klein­schmidt decide to merge the two companies to form the Morkrum-Klein­schmidt company in 1924 (becoming the TeleType Corporation in 1928) and continue to improve the machine together.

Bought by AT&T

In 1928, Klein­schmidt Electric Company becomes The Teletype Corporation, which is purchased by AT&T for $30,000,000 in 1930.

Klein­schmidt Labs

Klein­schmidt immediately turns around and sets up Klein­schmidt Labo­ra­to­ries to continue his work, and is commis­sioned by the U.S. Army Signal Corps during WWII to develop the fastest data printer possible.

A big order changes everything

The Klein­schmidt 100 wpm typebar page printer becomes the standard for the U.S. Military. To meet an order for 2,000 printers Klein­schmidt purchases of 13 acres in Deerfield Illinois and sets up a manu­fac­turing facility. Klein­schmidt, Inc. still proudly occupies the same land today.

Merger with Smith Corona

Klein­schmidt Labo­ra­to­ries Inc. merges with Smith Corona, which then merges with the Marchant Calculating Machine Company, and forms SCM.

Pivot to EDI

The Klein­schmidt division of SCM pivots from the tele­type­writer business to start providing network services for EDI and CLM.

Independent again

Hanson Trust acquires SCM, but Harry S. Gaples, the Klein­schmidt division president, purchases the division from Hanson Trust and Klein­schmidt Inc. is independent again.

Recognition as a leader

1994: Illinois High Tech Entre­pre­neur of the Year Award

1997: EDI Pioneer Award

2004: Edward A. Guilbert E‑Commerce Profes­sional Award

2005: US Customs and Border Protection Award in the area of trans­porta­tion, cargo control and supply chain security

The legacy continues

Klein­schmidt continues to find inventive ways to help businesses connect and communicate, one custom, cloud-based data solution at a time.

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We build essential connections worldwide, but we’re proudly grounded in Deerfield, Illinois. Because we’re employee owned and we put people first, the majority of our employees have been with our company for over 15 years.