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Rapid, reliable EDI integration and data exchange is a mission critical component to modern freight trans­porta­tion in this era of disruption, whether the mode is truck, train, or ship. We’re the EDI and API experts who keep your freight (and freight data) moving in order to build a seamless, connected supply chain. Our team creates and supports the powerful EDI and API connections and appli­ca­tions that weave the fabric between you and your global trading partner community. 

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TMS and Dispatch Integration

Our EDI integration and data exchange solutions work hard behind the scenes of the industry’s leading trans­porta­tion management systems and dispatch software and appli­ca­tions. From legacy and mainframe-based software to the latest cloud platforms and SaaS apps, we integrate the systems that power the supply chains of hundreds of carriers, shippers, and logistics providers.

Ultra-reliable end-to-end data exchange and time-sensitive EDI trans­ac­tions are the key to modern global commerce, and it’s why the brightest and best trust our integration expertise to keep freight moving across the globe.

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Imple­menting a Trans­porta­tion Management System can require a huge upfront investment, and your dispatch system may not be up to the task of sending and receiving the EDI and digital documents that your customers and shippers require. Introducing Freight­launch. Freight­Launch is a digital freight enablement platform that provides carriers and shippers alike with an easy-to-use interface that allows companies large and small to participate in the modern digital freight and EDI process. 

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Freight­Launch Mobile

Built to expand access to the Freight­Launch EDI Enablement platform, this addition to Kleinschmidt’s integration technology toolset delivers an on-the-go paperless freight process by enabling motor carriers of all sizes to meet EDI require­ments anywhere at any time. 

Shippers and logistics service providers can enable their preferred carrier community to participate in the digital freight tendering process without inter­rupting existing data workflows, with the mobile app now allowing carriers of all sizes to satisfy the electronic document require­ments of the shipment process such as tendering, shipment status updates, and invoicing while on the move.

EDI and API Integration

Rapidly advancing technology in the freight trans­porta­tion and logistics industry means more document types, data formats, and standards than ever before. Whether it’s API connections, trans­ac­tional JSON inte­gra­tions or ELD and GPS data, we’ve got you covered. Our any-to-any data translation environment can support it all.

Our cloud archi­tec­ture offloads the mapping and translation from your system, which means you don’t have to worry about software maintenance or dedicated staff. We do the heavy lifting and enable you to focus on what matters most: keeping freight on the move and on time.

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