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Rapid exchange of business data is crucial to materials management and supply chain success in today’s manu­fac­turing industry, and we’re here to handle it. Our cloud integration and EDI solutions streamline supply chain collab­o­ra­tion and power EDI integration processes for leading manu­fac­turers and suppliers in building materials, steel, metal and alloys manu­fac­turing, lumber, and more.

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Streamlining Collaboration

ERP Integration

Modern manu­fac­turing relies on modern appli­ca­tions to drive supply chain collab­o­ra­tion, but effective integration of ERP software and enterprise appli­ca­tions with the EDI ecosystem can be tough.

Our custom-built ERP integration solutions connect your systems to the global trading partner community for more effective EDI integration, production planning, and business data exchange. And since they’re cloud-based, no software or plug-ins are required to begin exchanging data. As modern enterprise appli­ca­tions migrate to the cloud, our specialized API-to-EDI integration and point-to-point web services data exchange keep you collab­o­rating across your entire supply chain.

EDI and API Integration

Data Translation

Your trading partner community spans the globe; your materials are subject to intermodal shipping via truck, train, and ship; and require­ments for EDI and application integration vary widely from partner to partner. 

We make it painless, and it doesn’t require translation software. Leading materials suppliers and manu­fac­turers rely on our cloud-based data translation solution to unite an immense range of document types and data streams. A true any-to-any translation engine, our cloud archi­tec­ture provides universal compat­i­bility for X12 EDI, EDIFACT, flat files, iDOC, XML, and more.

Cloud EDI Translation

EDI Outsourcing

Dedicated IT resources come at a premium, and the extensive EDI knowledge required to run an effective internal program can be hard to find. Our manu­fac­turing and materials expertise makes us the perfect EDI outsourcing partner.

Our business analysts work with you to build a project roadmap that unites your supply chain by breaking down technical barriers and resource constraints. We manage trading partner onboarding, commu­ni­ca­tion protocols, EDI translation, and navigate shifting require­ments to build a reliable, scalable outsourced EDI imple­men­ta­tion that will grow with your business so you can focus on the manu­fac­turing process.

Managed EDI Outsourcing
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