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We’re dedicated to building unique EDI and data integration solutions for companies in nearly every industry imaginable. Our inte­gra­tions power businesses ranging from financial services and payment firms to automotive OEMs and suppliers, and from prominent freight brokerage apps to oil, gas, and mining giants.

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Energy and Natural Resources

Oil, gas, mining, and agribusi­ness are the first step in most every manu­fac­turing supply chain. Effective EDI integration is a critical link, and we’ve proven ourselves as trusted experts in the field. 

From integrating freight and load data for dozens of carriers across multiple divisions of a global raw materials firm to functioning as the EDI integration and outsourcing provider for plastics, chemical, and lumber divisions of multi­na­tional manu­fac­turers, our experts possess the extractive industry-specific knowledge crucial for EDI integration and data exchangesuccess.


We helped kick off automotive EDI alongside the General Motors initiative, and we continue to integrate automotive OEMs and Tier One suppliers around the world. Our value-added network supports the widest range of automotive EDI standards and protocols in the industry.

Does your EDI based system need to integrate with your trading partner via API? Utilizing X12, EDIFACT, AIAG and proprietary standards, and through OFTP2, AS2, API, and web services protocols, we build connections that power every step of the automotive parts procurement, manu­fac­turing and shipping processes. And our ultra-reliable connections to the Ford GEC Hub, GM, FCA, Tesla, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volkswagen, and hundreds of suppliers ensure that you and your trading partners can exchange critical data anywhere, every time.

Any to Any” Integration

As a programmer-driven orga­ni­za­tion, we’re under­stand­ably excited by integration challenges, and the rapidly evolving realm of modern software and technology delivers plenty. It’s our wheelhouse. It’s what we do. And it’s why we work with the brightest and best in the field to create unique EDI and integration solutions critical to application success. 

Whether it’s connecting the biggest names in on-demand freight brokerage apps to dozens of shippers, powering EDI for the leaders in TMS software, or even developing the software to run mission-critical HP NonStop or cloud-based systems for Fortune 500 companies, we’re confident we can tackle your unique integration challenges.

Financial Services, Payments, and e‑Invoicing

Payment cycles — especially in freight — can be stuck in the past, with paper processes and complex rules. It’s no secret that electronic payments and invoicing improve efficiency and accuracy. We get it. And it’s why we maintain direct connections to major banks, clear­ing­houses and e‑Invoicing processors such as US Bank, Cass Information Systems, Ariba and more. 

Our EDI and data translation solutions provide support for all payment and invoicing transaction sets, from EDI 210 Freight Invoice to EDI 823 Lockbox to EDI 820 Remittance Advice and beyond. And with Smart Contracts and blockchain on the horizon, we’re partnering with the leaders in payment processing and accounts receivable factoring to provide access to the latest financial and payment technologies.

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