EDI and API Integration Solutions for Retail & eCommerce

Scalable Integration

From Big Box to Boutique to Dot Com

Our integration solutions for retail and eCommerce help your company build essential connections to suppliers, vendors, and retailers. We power your growth through API connec­tivity and EDI management, and custom Klein­schmidt integration solutions scale to fit your business’s evolving data require­ments and growing connec­tivity needs. 

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Solutions Made Simple

ERP and Back-Office Integration

It’s simple: We integrate with nearly any system. No matter which enterprise resource planning software or back-office system you use, our cloud archi­tec­ture enables true any-to-any integration between you and your global trading partner community. We leverage the power of managed EDI and API connec­tivity to make complex integration fast, simple and reliable. 

Our custom-built inte­gra­tions connect your ERP solution —whether it’s Oracle, SAP, Sage or homegrown — to every level of your supply chain. From orders to invoicing to ASNs and fulfillment, we level the playing field by building the critical connections to every corner retail and eCommerce.

Integration for Retail and eCommerce Software

Data Translation

We know that retail and eCommerce EDI data integration is a tough nut to crack. Standards, formats, and require­ments vary from partner to partner and even within the same transaction set. Not to mention the constant changes coming down the pipe from your retail partners. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. 

Our translation platform supports every retail document format, industry standard and transaction type. From X12, GS1, and VICS to EDIFACT, web services, APIs, and beyond, we eliminate the need for in-house translation software. Unlike desktop or mainframe software, our cloud-based solution is reliable, scaleable and extensible, making it easy to evolve alongside your business. Name your ERP or back-office system and we can handle its data intricacies, including SAP, Oracle, JDE, Prophet21, Epicor, MS Dynamics, Sage and more.

Cloud EDI Translation

eTail for Retail Vendors and Suppliers

Trading partner partic­i­pa­tion in the retail supply chain is more important than ever, but not every vendor or supplier can comply with retailer mandates for traditional EDI. Our eTail application for retail vendors and suppliers eliminates the need for complicated EDI software. 

Our web app lets you exchange purchase orders and invoices, generate ASNs, print barcode labels, and more — making it a snap to become EDI compliant. Our dedicated analysts work with your partners to test, tweak and update your EDI program to meet changing standards so you focus on what matters most: growing your business. eTail supports the EDI 810, EDI 850, EDI 856, EDI 860, EDI 875 trans­ac­tions and more.

Web Based EDI

Managed EDI

Having trouble balancing your day-to-day sales with the complex­i­ties of DIY EDI and integration? Our EDI Outsourcing program hums along behind the scenes, enabling you to focus on selling and fulfillment. Trading partner onboarding, testing, and data exchange are managed by our dedicated retail business analysts, and our cloud translation platform enables data integration with your entire partner community. You can rest easy knowing that your mission-critical EDI imple­men­ta­tion is backed by the industry’s most reliable network.

Managed EDI Outsourcing
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