Klein­schmidt Statement on COVID-19

We understand the importance of the service we provide to your orga­ni­za­tion and want to assure you that we have the appropriate systems, plans and contin­gen­cies in place to mitigate the foreseeable…

Why We Build Connections

Our mission is to build the connections that matter. And right now, they’re more important than ever.

eCommerce Integration: EDI for Shopify

The Shopify platform is one of the easiest ways to bring the power of eCommerce to your business. We make it easy to extend the power of Shopify with full scope EDI integration.

EDI: Still Relevant, Still Cool, Still Important

We look back at a 2019 op-ed about the continued coolness of EDI and explore the importance of Value Added Network services during a time of supply chain instability.

Spartan Logistics Services: A Freight­Launch Success Story

When a major grocery chain required quick compliance, we stepped up to help Chicago’s Spartan Logistics Services succeed with our new Freight­Launch platform.

Webinar: Improving Operational Efficiency in Microsoft Azure with Serverless360 Automated Tasks

Join Klein­schmidt Cloud Architect Manish Upadhyaya and the Serverless360 team on Thursday, June 11th at 8:00 AM EDT as they discuss how to improve operational effi­cien­cies in Azure

VP of Sales Doug Anderson to Continue Leading X12 Trans­porta­tion Subcommittee

Doug Anderson — Klein­schmidt’s Vice President of Sales — has been elected to serve an additional term as the chair of EDI standards group X12’s Trans­porta­tion subcommittee.