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Why We Build Connections

We take a look back to 2020 to remember why we build the connections that we do.

Utilizing an EDI Provider to Unlock Growth and Integrate Your Trading Partner Community

Imple­menting an EDI program is only as effective as your ability to connect and exchange data with all of your customers and trading partners. Third party EDI providers make it easy to navigate the…

A Ho-Ho-Whole Lot of Seasonal Challenges are Coming to the Freight Industry

The busiest, most profitable months may be potentially constrained by a capacity crunch, new waves of COVID-driven disruption, and a spike in cargo theft.

EDI: Still Relevant, Still Cool, Still Important

We look back at a 2019 Forbes.com op-ed about the continued coolness of EDI and explore the importance of Value Added Network services during a time of supply chain instability.

eCommerce Integration: EDI for Shopify

The Shopify platform is one of the easiest ways to bring the power of eCommerce to your business. We make it easy to extend the power of Shopify with full scope EDI integration.

Why We Build Connections

Our mission is to build the connections that matter. And right now, they’re more important than ever.

Connecting the Data Dots – Integration’s Important Role in the Freight Technology Revolution

Dive in as we explore the expanding role of supply chain integration and middleware providers as the digital and data revolution takes hold in the freight industry (and beyond)