Continual Innovation — Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

At Klein­schmidt, we talk about a legacy of invention and adaptation. But what exactly does that mean? Let us dive into Klein­schmidt’s past, present, and future so you get a better under­standing that experience and innovation can be a meaningful change for your business.

Edward Klein­schmidt — Innovator

The Klein­schmidt legacy began in 1893 with 22-year-old Edward Klein­schmidt. Born in Germany, Edward came to the United States in his youth. From the outset, Edward was an entre­pre­neur. His branding was unique for the time, Inventions Developed.” His workshop was a combination of a personal workshop and storefront to help enter­prising customers develop their inventions.

One of the initial telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions patents Edward filed was a Morse keyboard transmitter. You may recognize the name, Morse,” that’s Morse” in terms of Morse Code.”

A bit later, Edward would develop a Morse keyboard perforator, an enhanced version of the original developed in 1858.

Klein­schmidt Electric Company

In 1914, Edward’s Inventions Developed” storefront soon became the Klein­schmidt Electric Company. With his business partner, George Seely, he developed railway signaling equipment that is presently used by railways.

The Klein­schmidt Electric Company was also one of the first forays into the development of the telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions device known as the teletypewriter.

Edward’s Business Acumen 

In 1919, the Klein­schmidt Electric Company filed a patent for start-stop synchro­nizing methods for code telegraph systems. The Morkum Company filed for a patent at the same time.

Instead of engaging in patent ownership battles, Klein­schmidt Electric Company and the Morkum Company merged to form the Morkum-Klein­schmidt company; the name was changed to the Teletype Corporation in 1928.

Acqui­si­tions, Labo­ra­to­ries, and Mergers

In 1928, the Teletype Corporation was purchased by AT&T (American Telephone and Telegraph Company) for $30 million. As an innovator, Edward established Klein­schmidt Labs which would later become Klein­schmidt Inc.

In 1940, The U.S. military placed an order that changed everything – 2,000 data printers. To manufacture such a large order, Klein­schmidt Labs strate­gi­cally purchased thirteen acres in Deerfield, Illinois, a site that remains the current home of Klein­schmidt Inc.

Klein­schmidt was acquired by Smith Corona in 1956. Shortly after, Smith Corona merged with the Marchant Calculating Machine Company to form SCM

EDI, Inde­pen­dence, and the contin­u­a­tion of Innovation

By 1979, the Klein­schmidt division had pivoted to EDI (electronic data interchange) and CLM (car location message) network services. Approx­i­mately 10 years later, SCM was acquired by Hanson Trust. However, Klein­schmidt Inc. achieved inde­pen­dence when Harry S. Gapples, the Klein­schmidt division president, purchased the company from Hanson Trust.

Continued Recognition as an Industry Leader

The nineties through the early aughts continued Klein­schmidt’s momentum as an industry leader. Highlights included:

  • 1994: Illinois High Tech Entre­pre­neur of the Year Award
  • 1997: EDI Pioneer Award
  • 2004: Edward A. Guilbert E‑Commerce Profes­sional Award
  • 2005: US Customs and Border Protection Award in trans­porta­tion, cargo control, and supply chain security

Innovation Lives On

Today Klein­schmidt continues to be an industry leader and pioneer in providing custom data translation, EDI, and API integration services. 

Keeping customer focus and person­al­ized, expert consulting to develop innovative solutions at the forefront of why we have been successful, Klein­schmidt offers 24/7/365 service and support throughout the U.S.

With the best uptime record in the integration messaging business, we have built strong trust rela­tion­ships with large, middle-market, and small businesses involved in a variety of industries – logistics and trans­porta­tion, retail, warehousing, customs and more.

We’re building essential connections that drive modern commerce. We bridge the digital divide and empower your company to stay competitive in an aggressive marketplace

Dan Heinen, Kleinschmidt CEO

Eyeing the Horizon

Many of our satisfied clients were connected to Klein­schmidt through word-of-mouth recom­men­da­tions. We are excited to keep that momentum going by contin­u­ously innovating. While we are known for our excellence in EDI, API, and any to any” data integration solutions – we also continue to diversify our offerings including – cloud EDI translation, managed EDI outsourcing, car location messages, and more.

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