JD Edwards Summit 2018

We’ll be attending and exhibiting this week at the JD Edwards Summit 2018 in gorgeous Denver, Colorado. The Summit offers users of the JD Edwards, PeopleSoft and Oracle ecosystems the chance to collaborate on difficult enterprise software and SaaS imple­men­ta­tion issues while also learning about the technology solutions and Oracle integration services available from vendors like Klein­schmidt who service the JD Edwards and Oracle communities.

August 22 through 24

Denver, CO

Our EDI integration solutions for Oracle, JD Edwards and JDE ERP systems help companies in retail, manu­fac­turing, materials and other industries streamline their supply chain process by integrating orders, invoices, ASNs and other electronic documents with their trading partner community through EDI, APIs and web services. Built on a per-customer basis and hosted in the Klein­schmidt private cloud, our custom JD Edwards and Oracle inte­gra­tions support XML, EDI 810, EDI 850, EDI 856, EDI 940, EDI 945 documents and many more to ensure that users can fulfill all necessary business require­ments while maintaining the ability to support future implementations. 

About JDE Summit 2018

Presented by Quest Oracle Community, The JD Edwards Summit and INFOCUS events bring together the top minds in the JDE, PeopleSoft and Oracle ecosystems and enable users to explore solutions, collaborate on core challenges and expand their knowledge of how Oracle’s cloud and on-premise systems can drive business growth. 

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