Klein­schmidt Attends the 2019 BiTA Spring Symposium

The Blockchain in Transport Alliance lands in Atlanta, Georgia today for the Spring Symposium, and Klein­schmidt leadership is present as BiTA leaders and members alike join forces and continue to refine blockchain standards for the freight trans­porta­tion industry. 

May 9

Atlanta, GA

Klein­schmidt attendees at the Spring Symposium will include our President and CEO, Dan Heinen, whose continuing presence on the BiTA Board of Directors helps bring a wealth of EDI and B2B message development expertise to the group and represents our industry as a whole, as well VP of Sales, Doug Anderson, and EVP of Operations and Business Development, Frank Oriold, who continue to represent the orga­ni­za­tion on the technical standards development level crucial to the successful imple­men­ta­tion of a unified framework. 

With a wealth of expertise in EDI, data integration and standards development, we’re excited to bring to the blockchain table our unique, long­standing position at the inter­sec­tion of commerce, EDI and technology, especially as it applies to messaging, data format and integration aspects crucial to blockchain success. 

About BiTA

Founded in August 2017, the Blockchain In Transport Alliance (BiTA), has quickly grown into the largest commercial blockchain alliance in the world, with nearly 500 members in over 25 countries that collec­tively generate over $1 trillion in revenue annually. 

BiTA is a member-driven orga­ni­za­tion; members are primarily from the freight, trans­porta­tion, logistics and affiliated industries. Alliance members share a common mission of driving the adoption of emerging technology forward. We accomplish this by developing industry standards; educating members and others on blockchain applications/​solutions and distributed ledger technology (DLT); and encouraging the use and adoption of new solutions.

(Source: BiTA.studio)