Utilizing an EDI Provider to Unlock Growth and Integrate Your Trading Partner Community

Imple­menting an EDI program is only as effective as your ability to connect and exchange data with all of your customers and trading partners. Third party EDI providers make it easy to navigate the…

A Ho-Ho-Whole Lot of Seasonal Challenges are Coming to the Freight Industry

The busiest, most profitable months may be potentially constrained by a capacity crunch, new waves of COVID-driven disruption, and a spike in cargo theft.

Klein­schmidt EDI Services Now Available in Web-Based Tailwind Trans­porta­tion Management System (TMS) Software

The Tailwind TMS integration with Klein­schmidt’s EDI and B2B platform opens up new business oppor­tu­ni­ties for small to mid-sized trans­porta­tion companies

VP of Sales Doug Anderson to Continue Leading X12 Trans­porta­tion Subcommittee

Doug Anderson — Klein­schmidt’s Vice President of Sales — has been elected to serve an additional term as the chair of EDI standards group X12’s Trans­porta­tion subcommittee.

Klein­schmidt Delivers Business Connec­tivity to Convoy’s Nationwide Digital Freight Network

This partnership provides Convoy with EDI connec­tivity solutions to more deftly satisfy the complex electronic document require­ments of the digital freight process, such as shipper tenders, offer…

Loadsure and Klein­schmidt Partner to Deliver Per-Load Cargo Insurance to Carriers and Freight Brokers

Loadsure and Klein­schmidt announced today that the companies have partnered to deliver the ability to purchase on-demand, pay-as-you-go cargo insurance to Freight­Launch, Kleinschmidt’s digital…

Webinar: Improving Operational Efficiency in Microsoft Azure with Serverless360 Automated Tasks

Join Klein­schmidt Cloud Architect Manish Upadhyaya and the Serverless360 team on Thursday, June 11th at 8:00 AM EDT as they discuss how to improve operational effi­cien­cies in Azure

Spartan Logistics Services: A Freight­Launch Success Story

When a major grocery chain required quick compliance, we stepped up to help Chicago’s Spartan Logistics Services succeed with our new Freight­Launch platform.

Leading B2B/EDI Networks Collaborate to Quickly Enable Ford Ventilator Vendor Supply Chain to assist in the U.S. fight against COVID-19 deaths

Klein­schmidt and Loren Data collaborate to quickly connect a strategic Ford Motor Company vendor whose products are critical in building the ventilators used in the fight against COVID-19

EDI: Still Relevant, Still Cool, Still Important

We look back at a 2019 op-ed about the continued coolness of EDI and explore the importance of Value Added Network services during a time of supply chain instability.