Welcome to the New Kleinschmidt.com

Welcome to the new Kleinschmidt.com — refreshing, isn’t it? We’ve embarked on an exciting mission to rebrand, refine, and re-energize our image in a way that stays true to our roots and showcases the rich heritage of Klein­schmidt alongside the high level integration and EDI expertise we provide to companies across all industries.

At Klein­schmidt, the customer comes first. They always have, and they always will. Spanning the many iterations of Klein­schmidt over the past century (and then some), the common thread running through all that we do has been our ceaseless mission to solve unique technical problems for unique customers in a smart and sustainable fashion. But at our core, we’ve strived to build not just the essential connections that unite businesses through data: we’ve worked to connect people to each other to build trust, long-term part­ner­ships, and meaningful solutions. 

Our mission to connect is what forms the basis of our new logo, new website, and our path forward, and it’s why we’ve got such exciting news to share today.

So why now? We recently took a look in the mirror and quickly realized we wanted a brand, an image, and a mission that truly reflects who we are and what we believe in. We dove headfirst into a deep examination of ourselves, our customers, our partners and – most importantly – how we can best evolve with their needs in the ever-changing world of technology and integration. 

We connect people to each other to build trust, long-term part­ner­ships, and meaningful solutions. 

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We’re different. We’re hardworking. And we’ve got a history. 

And we wanted the new brand to reflect that, which is why we took a look at our past to build our future. Some aspects of the new Klein­schmidt brand design and color palette were inspired by, of all things, our company archives. You’ll notice right off the bat that after over 15 years, we decided to give the classic-but-reliable-but-universal technology company blue” a much needed break. 

A trip to the 1970s turned up the bright, bold, and futuristic SCM-era art deco cyan, green and orange you’ll find accenting the new site. To draw inspiration for our isometric illus­tra­tions, we delved into Klein­schmidt’s 1950s teletype machine docu­men­ta­tion and company newsletters. And the foundation of the website’s unique geometric grid and block structure is built upon a juxta­po­si­tion of classic graph paper schematics with the image of our stout, brick Deerfield head­quar­ters building we’ve occupied since the 1940s. 

Starting today, you’ll see this new brand system in the wild on our website, customer portal, and some select appli­ca­tions, and you’ll see it gradually roll out across other mediums in the weeks and months to come.

And that’s only the beginning. Follow along as we bring our core mission to you through new integration tech­nolo­gies in the coming months: You can expect to hear about innovative new API-to-EDI method­olo­gies, private Blockchain integration, custom cloud application development and more. We’re excited for this new chapter of Klein­schmidt, and we’re excited to continue to provide our customers with the highest level of custom integration innovation.