Utilizing an EDI Provider to Unlock Growth and Integrate Your Trading Partner Community

What companies do you connect to? Do you connect to my trading partner community? Are you an EDI VAN or do you just provide software? Can you support this *insert data exchange protocol or EDI document acronym here* that my customer requires?”

These are EDI integration questions we answer every single day as companies seek out more robust, reliable ways to implement EDI with their trading partner communities. Even though alternative solutions lay claim to displace­ment, a cold, hard fact remains: EDI isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and an effective EDI program is still critical to continuing growth and success no matter your line of business — be it eCommerce, brick and mortar retail, trucking, logistics or even agriculture. 

A successful EDI program is only as effective as your ability to connect and exchange data with all of your trading partners. We’ve witnessed explosive growth and scaling of household names and startups alike over our four decades of integration work, and one universal truth we’ve uncovered is that EDI is truly one of the most crucial components of an efficient supply chain capable of powering growth and opening doors to new business. Another truth? Utilizing an EDI provider such as Klein­schmidt is a cheat code for rapidly scaling an EDI program and meeting customer require­ments across the board.

We love it when we can empower companies to succeed, and so we’ve distilled down three of the most important reasons why using an EDI provider like Klein­schmidt can power success for your EDI program when trading partner expec­ta­tions are high and make-or-break require­ments must be met.

Universal Connec­tivity

Klein­schmidt can connect to any customer or trading partner that agrees to exchange data with you — and we really do mean any. This can occur through structured system-to-system EDI, EDI VAN services, web appli­ca­tions, specialized email-to-EDI workflows, or any method required by you or your trading partner community. The flexibility of an EDI provider like Klein­schmidt opens the door to creative, efficient ways to integrating business data with customers by removing tech­no­log­ical barriers to data exchange without requiring an internal EDI team or real­lo­cating people and resources. We have EDI integration experience with and direct links to nearly every major company around the globe, so rest assured we can easily reach the entirety of your trading partner community.

Seamless Integration

EDI require­ments may not undergo wholesale changes on a daily or weekly basis, but as business rela­tion­ships scale and evolve, so do business data require­ments. Maybe your customer changed their API without notice or implemented a new secure commu­ni­ca­tion protocol that your team is unfamiliar with. DIY EDI? It requires an internal team dedicated solely to change management. EDI providers like Klein­schmidt? We proactively ensure that all iterative aspects of the EDI process — testing, changes, production and connec­tivity — remain in sync and meet trading partner require­ments. We can (and do) contact partners to resolve potential issues without skipping a beat, helping you sleep at night and helping your company’s supply chain processes remain uninterrupted. 

Broad, Unrivaled Expertise

Simply put, EDI providers such as Klein­schmidt tackle the toughest work so you can focus on doing what you do best. This is our wheelhouse: We watched the sun rise on EDI long ago, and we have over 35 years of specialized experience helping companies of all shapes and sizes implement effective EDI programs that power global supply chains and drive growth. Our team of experts manages EDI projects from start to finish, including connec­tivity protocols, EDI document formats and standards, business logic, testing and much of the minutiae that comes along a properly implemented EDI program. EDI providers like Klein­schmidt do one thing, and we do it well — managing mission critical business processes such as EDI so that you can focus on growing your core business (and sleep at night). 

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