Webinar: Improving Operational Efficiency in Microsoft Azure with Serverless360 Automated Tasks

Register now to join Klein­schmidt Senior Cloud Architect Manish Upadhyaya and the Serverless360 team on Thursday, June 11th at 8:00 AM EDT/7:00 AM CDT as they discuss how Serverless360, an application visibility portal for Microsoft Azure envi­ron­ments, helps companies like Klein­schmidt improve DevOps, reduce manual processes and better manage production appli­ca­tions with the help of Automated Tasks. 

As Klein­schmidt’s go-to-guy for all things Azure, BizTalk and XSLT, Senior Cloud Architect Manish Upadhyaya and his DevOps colleagues have been busier than ever as we leverage more and more aspects of the Microsoft Azure environment in order to bring next generation EDI and API integration tech­nolo­gies to our clients and users. The Azure Logic Apps we’ve developed drive an astounding amount of automated data and traffic through our cloud envi­ron­ments, requiring a team dedicated to monitoring and managing reports, messaging and resources under the hood in order to provide a stable production environment. Utilizing the Serverless360 monitoring and support portal enables us to institute a marked degree of automation for scheduled, repetitive tasks within Azure enviroments, freeing up our team focus on supporting customer imple­men­ta­tions and develop even better next-gen integration tech­nolo­gies for Azure-based EDI integration products, API management solutions, cloud AS2 and more. 

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