Why We Build Connections

Our mission is to build the connections that matter. And right now, they’re more important than ever.

Business connections. Tech­no­log­ical connections. Human connections. We’ve witnessed the world around us rapidly evolve and watched progress occur at a breakneck pace, and we’re proud to have had a hand in building those connections that took us from here to there to now.

Over 100 years ago, our namesake helped to pioneer the railroad signaling technology that helped establish the most robust freight ecosystem in the world. Our early innovations were essential in helping the Associated Press establish their newswire service that brought an unprece­dented level of information and human connection to everyday people. We engineered, produced and perfected the teletypes and teleprinters that enabled robust commu­ni­ca­tions for countless campaigns by the U.S. military and others around the globe, with some still in use in remote outposts to this day. We’ve helped bring thousands and thousands of companies into the digital age by eliminating paper processes and connecting them to the global business community through the internet, EDI and APIs. 

And we are proud to say that now, even through these taxing and trying times, our laser focus is on continuing to forge the strong connections that form the backbone of our nation’s robust supply chain and enable our people to push forward in the face of uncertainly. 

Building that connection may be as simple as helping a small trucking company become EDI compliant by the end of the week so that they can help fill the demand for keeping groceries on store shelves. It can be as unique as helping application providers easily scale up to meet increased usage and demand while being a flexible partner when demand isn’t there. It maybe as complex as helping a large manu­fac­turer rapidly shift their vendor integration strategies to account for shake-ups in their supply chain at a moment’s notice.

With technology and expertise, any of these things are possible. Technology, however, is just one component of a meaningful connection: software does indeed solve problems, but it’s not the only factor. Estab­lishing the human connection, the rela­tion­ship, and the trust necessary for accom­plishing tough goals in trying times is what’s important to us at Klein­schmidt, because under­standing your needs, your business, and your people is what’s most important in helping build a personal and tech­no­log­ical connection that lasts. 

Our team is truly proud and honored to play an important round-the-clock role in keeping trucks moving, trains rolling, containers filled and shelves stocked. Times like these are exactly why we’ve designed contingency plans, built in redun­dan­cies, enabled our team members to make important decisions, and set up our entire workforce to run remotely while maintaining the same level of robust service and support we’ve provided our dedicated customers and partners over the decades. 

Looking back, the current world events will be one day be just another stop on the long, winding road down which Klein­schmidt has been traveling all these years. But when all is said and done, what’s left is not the software we’ve built, projects we’ve scheduled or the data flows we’ve constructed. We’re left with the connections we’ve made, the rela­tion­ships we’ve built, and the story we’ve written along the way. 

We’re excited to keep building connections with you and with your teams, and we’re ready to listen, to build, to adapt and to overcome in order to help keep your business keep creating its own story and moving forward for many years to come. 

Thanks for sticking with us. Klein­schmidt appreciates you, and we’re here to help. 

Phil Johnson

Director of Marketing