Managed Connec­tivity

Klein­schmidt supports the endless variety of commu­ni­ca­tion protocols that our customers and partners require. From legacy dial-up modems to cutting edge RESTful API-based integration for EDI, XML and JSON, our expertise runs deep. Our team members and their decades of experience work hard to deliver the industry’s best managed EDI commu­ni­ca­tions imple­men­ta­tions, bar none. 

Klein­schmidt encourages secure data transfer protocols and practices and – rest assured – we support all of them. We care deeply about the security of our customers’ data, which is why we own, staff and maintain multiple HP NonStop-based data centers. It gives us the flexibility to implement new, cutting edge security practices and ensure that stored customer data is encrypted-at-rest according to industry best practices. 

And if you have a cutting edge, unsupported protocol or security require­ments that a customer would like you to implement? We’ll work with your team to devise a new solution tailored exactly to your specific needs. 

We support nearly every comm protocol imaginable, from legacy modems to web services. We have the capacity to transmit and receive data via:

  • FTP, SFTP and FTP‑S
  • Web Services
  • Webhooks
  • EDIINT AS1, AS2 and AS3
  • ebXML
  • RosettaNet
  • IBM MQ Series
  • HTTPS Posts
  • SMTP
  • Email-to-EDI

Don’t see your preferred method above? Need a custom engineered solution that will work with your existing back-office system or mainframe? Let us know. We specialized in imple­menting rapid, reliable internet-based comm solutions like Web Services and APIs for EDI that power seamless and secure data transfer.