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Our custom EDI and integration solutions keep your business operating smoothly and efficiently, whether you’re integrating or translating data, tracking rail cars, or managing the electronic documents associated with shipping over land, air or sea.

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About Our Network

The Klein­schmidt Network is the engine that powers your business — a true any-to-any integration environment that breaks down barriers to commerce by connecting you with your global network of trading partners. Powering integration solutions for top Fortune 500 companies and beyond, our value-added network drives our entire suite of EDI and integration solutions.

Single connection

We function as your hub for electronic commerce by managing your application inte­gra­tions and data trans­for­ma­tion, and connecting you to businesses around the globe — a true gateway to the global trading partner community. 

Managed connec­tivity

We manage any-to-any commu­ni­ca­tion protocols, methods, and connections required by your trading partners to ensure a seamless data exchange and integration experience, letting you concentrate on growing your business instead of growing your IT team.


Our hosted EDI VAN services function as a hub for your traditional EDI document exchange, but we don’t stop there. Our cloud-based integration and data translation solutions provide you with a powerful data integration environment no matter your level of integration capability.


Our fault-tolerant systems provide the highest degree of avail­ability and data integrity possible. We are the only North American Value-Added Service Provider that owns a live second production site that’s online 247 — everything is always backed up and there is no need for scheduled downtime.

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In-House EDI

Managing your own in-house EDI integration is expensive and inefficient. You’ll need to handle onboarding, building an infra­struc­ture, maintanance, scalability, and more.

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Outsourced with Kleinschmidt

We’ll take care of everything for you. We’re fast, efficient, and experienced. We’ll scale with your needs and create a custom solution just for you. We’re always available if you need anything.

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