We process, manage and exchange the Car Location Messages that connect you and your fleet to the entirety of the vast North American railroad network, and we provide a single source of customized reporting and tracking for all of your CLM and intermodal data needs.

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Klein­schmidt CLM

Single Source of CLMs

We aggregate and process Car Location Messages for your fleets, providing a single source of CLMs from all reporting rail carriers. Our CLM experts manage the setup with the railroads, collection of messages, and reporting of your fleet data.

In-depth Fleet Data

We know that CLM data alone isn’t enough for everyone, which is why we provide you with extensive customized and historical reporting capa­bil­i­ties to help you better understand your business needs and manage rail car allocation.

Distribute Fleet Updates

Our CLM imple­men­ta­tions simplify the fleet update process by providing a single source of information to all rail carriers. Updates include both permanent and temporary fleet registers, temporary updates and report activity on free runner equipment in the shipper’s service, as well as vendor inbound shipments.

Estimated Time of Arrival

We help maximize your fleet’s efficiency by calculating and displaying ETA data for origin and destination pairs. Our system continually monitors and analyzes your previously completed trips to keep those estimates current. We also provide standard deviation, sample sizes, and late and early indicators.

Beyond CLMs

We can create a custom Klein­schmidt CLM report based on your spec­i­fi­ca­tions, featuring historical fleet data, lane analysis, equipment utilization information, and more. We can even trigger email noti­fi­ca­tions based on certain fleet or trip conditions.

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