EDI + Data Translation

Kleinschmidt’s flexible, managed EDI translation solution provides true any-to-any data integration for EDI documents and beyond, helping you transform your business data and connect to your trading partners efficiently without having to maintain software, servers, or data maps.

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Any-to-Any Integration

We integrate, manage, and maintain the endless varieties of rapidly evolving data formats — and because our network supports all data formats for EDI documents and beyond, our compat­i­bility is limitless.

Cloud-based EDI Translation

We have the expertise to integrate the most obscure data format with the most common EDI document. We’ve seen it all, and we’re ready for what’s to come — be it blockchain, API networks, or a technology yet to be created.

Any-to-Any Translation

We’re still the experts on traditional EDI, but we’ve built upon that knowledge to support modern formats like XML, JSON, SAP, IDoc, and more. And since we’ve engineered our own cloud archi­tec­ture, we’re not limited to traditional translation. Let us transform your RESTful API payloads, SOAP messages and proprietary Web Services data into a full-scale implementation.

Special Processing

Our network powers trans­for­ma­tive capa­bil­i­ties like data capture and substi­tu­tion, EDI document creation, item number management, and relational databases, all of which we use to supercharge your B2B messaging in complex business scenarios. Cross-referencing, data validation, and split EDI routing considered, this powerful service is a rare industry offering.

Non-Standard or Proprietary Data

Does your system generate proprietary document types or do you have a partner that requires non-standard data? We’re on the case. Our team of integration experts specializes in connecting complex, non-standard formats to enable a seamless data translation process, no matter how difficult the document or data type.

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