Freight­Launch™ for Shippers

Freight­Launch is an easy-to-use web application that helps to close the loop and complete your EDI ecosystem by enabling 100% EDI compliance within your carrier community. Through the Freight­Launch platform, non-EDI carriers of all sizes can easily send and receive the fully validated and compliant documents required to participate in your existing EDI process. 

Freight­Launch is powered by the highly reliable Klein­schmidt EDI Network, and it’s supported by our dedicated Client Services team with decades of trans­porta­tion EDI integration expertise.

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EDI Enablement Made Easy

Let’s face it: A fully connected supply chain is the goal, but it still isn’t easy. Manual and paper processes are unpopular but persistent, TMS platforms are difficult to implement, and many carriers still remain incapable of exchanging shipment data via EDI because of the perceived investment and recurring overhead. 

We think it’s time to change that narrative. 

Freight­Launch closes technology gaps and contributes to supply chain efficiency by making it easy to enable EDI within your existing carrier base. It helps to eliminate and automate legacy processes such as manual tendering, and it helps to expand your pool of potential carriers by providing them an easy-to-implement tool that enables full compliance with your existing shipper-side EDI processes. 

Freight­Launch for Shippers and Logistics Service Providers

The importance of a robust, reliable and efficient supply chain has been thrust into the spotlight in recent years, and it all starts with a strong foundation in technology. What’s the hold up on the carrier side? Imple­menting a Trans­porta­tion Management System can require a huge upfront investment in technology or a long-term subscrip­tion commitment, a carrier’s dispatch system may not be up to the task of creating the EDI and digital freight documents required by shippers and logistics service providers, and the perceived personnel overhead can stop companies in their tracks. As a result, your pool of potential carriers is reduced and legacy processes continue to be used to accommodate outliers. 

It’s why we built Freightlaunch.

Shippers and logistics service providers can leverage Freight­Launch to seamlessly enable their preferred carrier community to participate in their EDI process without inter­rupting existing processes and data flows. By mandating the use of Freight­Launch, carriers of all sizes can be quickly onboarded, enabling them to satisfy the EDI require­ments of your shipment process such as load tendering, shipment status updates, and freight invoicing. Shippers whose EDI trans­ac­tions are processed through the Klein­schmidt network (through direct connect or inter­con­nect) can onboard new carriers via Freight­Launch in as little as two days — an unmatched turnaround time for full scale EDI testing and validation of the standard trucking document set. 

The Freight­Launch platform enables your non-EDI carriers to:

  • Provide fully validated, compliant EDI data per your internal specifications
  • Integrate with existing EDI processes or custom data sets
  • Receive load tenders (X12 204)
  • Accept loads (X12 990)
  • Generate shipment status messages (X12 214)
  • Submit freight invoices from a web browser (X12 210)

How We Help

Because Klein­schmidt manages the complex­i­ties of the EDI and data exchange for your carriers, there’s no additional work required on your behalf.

Our Client Services and development teams work with your carriers to test, implement, and manage the soup-to-nuts of EDI behind the scenes so you can focus on your freight while we handle the data. We take full ownership over the testing process, we validate every byte of EDI data to ensure full compliance with your spec­i­fi­ca­tions, and we proactively monitor connec­tivity and trou­bleshoot any hiccups in the process to ensure seamless supply chain integration. 

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