We make enabling EDI easy.

Our Web EDI solutions are intuitive and customiz­able appli­ca­tions for connecting you to any trading partner, anywhere. Whether it’s Freight­Launch or custom web appli­ca­tions that enable EDI for supplier and carrier communities, our web EDI offerings are backed by our robust, reliable B2B integration network and value-added network (VAN) services. Klein­schmidt Web EDI meshes the power of traditional EDI with modern web apps that break down the technology barrier, enabling you to easily exchange orders, receive loads and generate tracking data. We manage the complex­i­ties of EDI, open the door to new business oppor­tu­ni­ties and enable you to focus on what you do best: Running your business. 

Implement EDI Now

Become EDI Compliant

Klein­schmidt built one of the first appli­ca­tions for web-based EDI nearly 25 years ago. Since then, we’ve built over 100 EDI-specific web applications.

Our web EDI appli­ca­tions enable your company to meet trading partner EDI require­ments without the difficulty of deploying dedicated EDI resources or specialized EDI software. Let Klein­schmidt manage the nuts and bolts of the EDI integration required to meet the evolving standards of your customers and vendors.

How to Become EDI Compliant

Meeting a customer’s mandate to implement EDI documents like purchase orders, invoices, ASNs or load tenders can be a scary proposition, but with our Web EDI appli­ca­tions, it doesn’t have to be difficult. 

We have decades of experience helping businesses like yours meet the complex EDI require­ments that are necessary to do business with companies such as Walmart, Target and Amazon. After providing our team with the require­ments, Klein­schmidt walks you through the steps of the Web EDI process such as creating EDI documents and testing business scenarios required by your customers. 

We handle the testing, the connec­tivity, and the heavy lifting: All you have to do is log in. 

Freight­Launch + Freight­Launch Mobile for Trucking and Logistics

Imple­menting a Trans­porta­tion Management System can require a huge upfront investment, and your dispatch system may not be up to the task of creating the EDI and digital documents that your customers and shippers require. It’s why we built Freightlaunch.

Through a single point-to-point connection with Klein­schmidt, shippers and retailers can utilize Freight­Launch to seamlessly enable their preferred carrier community to participate in the digital freight tendering process without inter­rupting existing data workflows, with the mobile app now allowing carriers of all sizes to satisfy the electronic document require­ments of the shipment process such as tendering, shipment status updates, and invoicing. 

Freight­Launch and Freight­Launch mobile provide carriers and brokers with an easy-to-use EDI creation interface, which allows you to:

  • Receive load tenders (X12 204)
  • Accept loads (X12 990)
  • Generate shipment status messages (X12 214)
  • Submit freight invoices from a web browser (X12 210)
  • Integration with third party APIs

Freight­Launch is also extensible. We’ve built it to integrate with third party APIs from tracking providers like Verizon, freight payment processors and insurance firms in order to connect you to your entire freight data network. And with Freight­Launch Mobile, we’ve engineered an app that’s built specif­i­cally to expand access to the Freight­Launch EDI Enablement platform for smaller companies with less resources that are hungry for more business. Freight­Launch Mobile delivers an on-the-go paperless freight process by enabling motor carriers of all sizes to meet EDI require­ments anywhere at any time. 

Our client services and development teams work with your partners and customers to test, implement, and manage your trucking EDI program behind the scenes so you can focus on moving freight, not megabytes. 

Custom Web Applications

Are you a large shipper that requires a white label EDI portal for your non-integrated customers? Do you need a one-off app to bridge an internal technology or data gap? Our development team has decades of global, cross-industry EDI integration experience and will work with your team to build a custom web application that meets your exact specifications. 

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